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Clothing: Cautionary notes about what to wear to dance Argentine Tango

By tngadmin

Source Please visit: https://tangoforge.com/what-to-wear/

  • Men’s clothing
    • Make sure that your pants do not have a turned-up cuff. It’s very easy for a stiletto heel to get caught here and this is one of the few things that can bring both partners crashing to the floor.
  • Women’s clothing
    • Your skirt must not be tight at the thigh or knees as this will prevent you from moving your legs.
    • Avoid handkerchief hems and dangling hem adornments as these can catch your heels which is  disruptive for the Mark.
    • Don’t . Wear . Strapless . It . Will . Fall . Down . No . Amount . of . Hollywood . Tape . Can . Save . You.
  • Men and Women what to wear: Accessories
    • Remember you are going to be dancing in close embrace, at least some of the time. Do not wear anything big and hard on your front side, because you will find it digging into your flesh (and your partner’s). And watch out for things on arms and backside that could catch and entangle with your partner’s hands or buttons during a change of embrace.
    • Hats are ok if you are sure you’ll be taller than your partners. Women should be careful that hair style and adornments don’t block the view of their partner, especially on the right side of your head. If your hairstyle extends lateral of your face, wear a beautiful hairclip on the right side of your head to hold it away from his sightline.

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