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Building a Tango Wardrobe

By tngadmin

Source please visit: https://tangoforge.com/what-to-wear/

I’m passionate about finding the best technique, but that’s not all I want for you! Another aspect of tango is the chance to express ourselves through costuming. While you’re welcome to dress as casually as you like for tango (and people do!), there’s always someone in the room taking up the invitation to express themselves aesthetically. Tango is a chance to maximize your masculinity, femininity, or general artsiness. There are only a few rules about what to wear. Whether it’s a formal milonga or a regular afternoon practica, attention to your clothing gives you power and delights your fellow dancers.

The main thing to pay attention to when shopping and dressing is how a piece of clothing makes you feel. Notice if you are smiling, notice if you are twirling or tapping your feet. If this piece of clothing gives you joy and makes you want to dance, then it’s a keeper. If you’re feeling doubtful or self-conscious, take it off! Your clothing needs to meet and elevate your mood. One day the red dress does this, but another day it just feels like too much. Respect the subtle reactions you have as you are dressing, and let your clothes and taste help you assemble something that works.

Definitely dress in a way that makes you feel sexy. One of the things I love about tango is that no one will ever say “you’re too old to be wearing that.” It is, however possible to dress too sexy.

What to wear is clothes and shoes that you LOVE, and buy any kind you want. They do not need to be designed for tango!

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