How do I customise my store?

Go to Store Manager. You can then customise the various elements; . Store page Logo Cover Photo Showcase of items About Us profile Social networks Policies This is a great opportunity to really sell yourself to customers and get across your brand message. Your boutique storefront should represent your brand and what you are selling in … Read more

What are the criteria for having a store?

To have a store you must be a new or independent brand or a vintage collector selling Tango clothing, Tango shoes, accessories or jewellery, books and musics, making organization of Tango events (festivals, marathon) or any product about Tango. Stores must follow the Tangorium photography rules which require all products to be shot on a … Read more

Do I have a contract with Tangorium?

You are not tied into any formal contract with Marketplace. Each invoice is paid seperately and it is your responsibility to maintain your store on Marketplace. If you are having any issues or require any assistance, contact your account manager. If you do not know your account manager, email here and we can provide any help required.

How do I start a store on Tangorium ?

You must apply to become a seller on Tangorium. We ask for applications to ensure that our boutiques are of a certain standard. Tangorium stores will comprise of key emerging design talent, groundbreaking independent labels and boutiques, and the finest vintage selections. Only a very small percentage of those that apply to be boutique sellers … Read more

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