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Latest from the Tangorium Blog

The Last Tango in Istanbul Before Coronavirus

Original link of the writing is The legendary city straddling two continents is the…
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Dealing With the Disappointment of Getting COVID-Canceled

Original link is t’s always been difficult for independent dance artists to gain traction,…
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Shopping and Dressing tips

Source Please Visit: *** Please arrange mirrors in your house so you can take…
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Why you need the right shoes to dance Argentine Tango

Tango involves both emotional and instinctive music, so it is important for tango dancers to…
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Clothing: Cautionary notes about what to wear to dance Argentine Tango

Source Please visit: Men’s clothing Make sure that your pants do not have a…
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Building a Tango Wardrobe

Source please visit: I’m passionate about finding the best technique, but that’s not all I…
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