Agreement between Tangorium and Seller's

1) These Terms are a legally binding contract between you and Tangorium. If you don’t agree with these Terms, you can not use our online web site.

2) We know that your personal information is important to you, so it’s also important for us. We want you to read our Privacy Policy and it is also a part of our agreement.

3) In order to be a seller in Tangorium, you must accept these conditions:

a) You must be 18 or older.

b) Always give true information about yourself.

c) Don't pick an offensive name for your shop.

d) You are responsible from your shop so if your shop is used for illegal and offensive actions than you will be responsible from that.

e) Protect your password by any means.

f) By opening a shop at Tangorium, it will not create any agency, partnership, joint venture or franchisee relationship between you and Tangorium.

g) You are responsible all of your content that you upload.

h) Tangorium can use your uploads, pictures and information for advertisement, exampling and for other purposes to evolve Tangorium.

i) You can not upload any content that is abusive, threatening, defamatory, obscene, vulgar or offensive.

j) You can not use services provided by Tangorium to harm or insult other people

4) You can not use our online web site to break the law.

5) You must pay all your bills to Tangorium.

6) You can not use other people's materials for your own purpose so don't steal anything which doesn't belong to you. But you can post or share other people's products.

7) You can not try to harm our web site with viruses or other computer codes.

8) You can terminate your account in Tangorium any time you want. If you have some bills to pay than you have to pay them and if you have oney in your deposit, Tangorium will pay all the oney in your deposit to your Paypal account. Tangorium is not responsible of the Paypal fee’s during this payment

9) If we see that you brake any of these rules or you are not a Tangorium's interest Shop or you are using Tangorium to find customers and selling them on your own shop in cheaper prices than Tangorium has the right to close your account at any time. If you have money in your deposit than Tangorium will pay it back to you and still Tangorium is not responsible of the Paypal fee's during this payment. Also Tangorium has the right to terminate your shop for any reason and without advance notice.