What do I gain from Tangorium, why do I have to open my online store at Tangorium?

  • Ability to sell all your products to thousands of daily visitors
  • Ability to find everything related to Tango
  • Exposure to potential customers worldwide
  • SAFE and SECURE shopping environment through Paypal
  • Easy to open your own store
  • Place where Tango sellers and customers meet
  • Easy to find what you are looking for with advanced search
  • Biggest Tango Store in the World

What do you need to open an online Store​?

  •  All you need is a Paypal account (it can be personal) and Products to sell. We encourage our sellers to use a Paypal Business account but not a Personal account. Because personal accounts are subject to monthly receiving limits and cannot accept payments from customers that are supported by a credit card. But still personal Paypal accounts are valid in Tangorium.

What is the cost to open an online Store?

  • It costs only 5 USD (This offer will be valid till 1st of June 2016).

​​What is the Commission rate of Tangorium when selling a product?

  • It is 7% of your Product price. (There might be additional Paypal commissions which is not related to us.).

How does the commission work?

  • You automatically create a Deposit Account while you open your online store at Tangorium and it will start with 15 USD. When you sell a Product, Customers will pay directly to you where we decrease 7% of the sale from your Deposit Account. For example, let’s say your Deposit Account is 15 USD initially and you sell a Product for 100 USD, than 7 USD (7% of 100 USD) will be deducted from your Deposit Account and it will be 8 USD.

What happens if my Deposit Account gets negative?

  • If your Deposit Account gets negative, we will notify you about it by email and after a grace period we will put your online Store in frozen status. You can add funds to make your Deposit Account positive again.

What if I want to close my online Store?

  • If you want to close your online Store, we will give your Deposit Account back. So Deposit Account is your money not ours.

How do people buy from Tangorium?

  • They pay with their credit cards. Tangorium use Paypal credit card system for the payment and also for the distribution of the money to your account.

How do Sellers get their money?

  • Once a product is sold than the payment comes directly to your Paypal account and Tangorium automaticly lowers your deposit accordingly. So you will have the money when the product is sold.

How to open a paypal acount?

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